3 Great Ohio Brews on Draft

Four String Brass KnuckleFour-String-brewing
Columbus, Ohio

Our featured Ohio beer comes from right here in Columbus, thanks to Dan Cochran’s rock-n-roll approach to brewing killer beer over at Four String Brewing Company over on 6th Avenue.  The Brass Knuckle is the lightest punch Four String offers and still hits you with those delicious bitter hops and seals the deal with a citrus grapefruit flavor that’s crisp and dry.  We love the drinks and music that folks like Dan bring to Columbus and can’t get enough of the beer flowing out of the Four String brewpub.


Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
Cleveland, Ohioglbcold

From our lakeside friends up north comes a world famous and award-winning porter that’s been puckering faces for years.  Known for its full, roasty flavor and a bittersweet chocolate-coffee taste, the Edmund Fitzgerald has all the hops you can handle.  The guys at Great Lakes Brewery know their craft well.  After a long history of great breweries dried up in the 80s, Great Lakes opened up to offer sustainably crafted beer that was worthy of the local legends.  To check out their world-renowned lineup, visit them online.


Jackie O’s Amber Ale
Athens, Ohiojackie o's

Athens is more than just a great college town.  The Jackie-O’s brewery proudly sources all their ingredients from local, sustainable vendors and ships from a local distributor.  Their staff at the brewpub in downtown Athens is famous for getting creative, hence the wide line of creative brews from bourbon and rum barrels to tequila and sherry.  The firefly amber ale is their lightest beer, something the brew master consider a “gateway ale” to get you into the full-bodied flavors of their others mystic creations.  One of the best Ohio brews. Check out their full line of incredible craft brews on their website.


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