How to Properly Appreciate Wine

Wine is a staple of sophisticated dining and often carries more of an allure than any other beverage.  Fine wines can cost thousands of dollars per bottle and the craft of winemaking has reached the status of high art the world over.   Of course, there are the cheap wines too but they’re never quite as satisfying.   So what makes wine so great and how do you sip it like a pro?


There are 3 sensory experiences that wine offers and each is a part of the tasting process.   Each is important to properly appreciate wine.


Clarity & Color
All wine should be poured in front of a white background so you can hold it up against the light and see the clarity of the liquid itself.  White wines vary in shades of light green to a dim brown, while reds come in all shades of crimson, often getting lighter in color as they age.

Before sipping the wine, swish it around in your glass a bit to stir up the different flavors.  Taste is 70% smell and the nose can often detect a variety of subtle flavorings in the wine that may go unnoticed by the taste buds.  You can inhale deeply or take a quick sniff to get a first sensory impression but never try a wine without first pausing to take in the aromas present in the glass.

When it comes time to take your first sip, don’t swallow immediately.  You want to let the wine linger on your taste buds a while, even biting it between the teeth to get a sense of the wine’s body and richness.  Each subsequent sip will build on your first reaction.  Throughout your enjoyment of the glass, pull some air in through the mouth to breeze across the wine on your tongue.  This ignites and stimulates the taste buds and aids in picking up more sensory information from the wine.


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