All This Short North Construction is Good for Everyone

We’ve had plenty of customers ask us about the many open construction projects hammering away here on North High Street. There’s certainly a lot going up in this neck of the woods! Nearly every block of North High is under construction in one form or another. But while some of the construction may prove to be a bit of a nuisance to commuters or locals getting to and from their favorite Short North Bar, it’s ultimately a blessing for the community and a positive sign that things are looking up for the north side of Columbus!

Short North Construction

The Brunner Building was one of the earliest to get started this year, building skyward next to the newly renovated Donato’s building just up the street at 1st and High. It’s a mixed use apartment building in the making and will bring several hundred new residents to High Street who will no doubt fall in love with our shops and pubs.

Just up from there, at the site of the old White Castle, is another mixed-use apartment building aptly named “The Castle” in honor of the iconic chain restaurant that was dozed to make room for this new development.

Right next door to Arch City Tavern, where the United Dairy Farmers was located, an all new 4 story office and retail building promises to house new shops and boutiques to keep the creative buzz of the arts district alive.

There are several other new apartment buildings going up all the way to OSU campus along High Street.  Of course, all of this new construction means our neighborhood is getting bigger and brighter. We’ll see new shops and boutiques, perhaps new art galleries and restaurants as well.  All of which will cater to the ever-growing population of Columbus residents who appreciate the beauty of the arts district we call home.

We welcome all the new structures and their future tenants to our thriving neighborhood!  It’s a good time to be a Columbus resident!

We’re Still Open!

It goes without saying, but to quell any confusion, Arch City Tavern remains open for normal business throughout the construction process, including that which has blocked off parts of High Street and the sidewalks recently.

Come in and let us know your thoughts on all the new urban development!


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