What Makes an Excellent Craft Beer?

With over 300 restaurants serving up handcrafted brews, Arch City Tavern included, from a selection of about 25 local breweries, it’s no surprise that Columbus, Ohio is proud of our reputation for hoppy concoctions. Enough to host an annual beer week.

But what makes craft beer so special? Why are patrons willing to spend their hard-earned dollars for a glass, or pint, of the tasty treat?

For starters, when consumed in responsible amounts (one to two glasses per day), assorted university studies have found several health benefits to craft beer over the years:

  • Drinkers maintain higher bone density due to high levels of silica.
  • Drinkers have reduced likelihood of developing high blood pressure.
  • Drinkers have reduced risk of experiencing blood clots or heart attacks.
  • Antioxidants found in both barley and hops, key ingredients in beer known as polyphenols, combat chronic diseases.
  • It’s fat free, a means to replace electrolytes, and can nourish muscles . . . who knew?

Flavor. A good beer has lots of it. Serious beer drinkers expect it. Since craft beers are done in relatively small batches, at least in comparison to their mass market counterparts, more effort is put into the quality of the final product. From the ingredient selection to water filtration options to processing, a craft beer is monitored every step of the way. The result is the finest the industry has to offer.

Due to the richness of craft beer, most drinkers find themselves satisfied with fewer per sitting than if they were drinking a watered down mass market varietal. Crafted beers’ deep flavor and viscous density allow the connoisseur to savor and enjoy the experience. The result at the end of the night can be a smaller tab, and less bathroom trips given the evening has been spent with paced, appreciative imbibing rather than guzzling, looking for satisfaction.

And probably everyone’s favorite reason to drink craft beer: an astounding 5-10% is the average alcohol by volume that you’ll encounter, but craft beers have been measured as high as 40% abv. Compare this to the average 2.5% abv of the general market and you can see that you’ve got some powerful juice on your hands.

A wide variety of craft beers including ales, lagers, and ambers, as well as more eclectic offerings like Watermelon Wheat and Lime-Cilantro Saison can be found on Arch City’s menu. Whether draft or bottled is your preference, we’ve got your brew waiting.

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