Ch-Ch-Changes in the Short North

If you’ve spent any time cruising up and down North High Street lately, you can’t help but run into construction every couple blocks.  There’s quite a construction renaissance happening in our neighborhood these days, surely all for the better!  But in the meantime, it can be a pain to avoid all the orange barrels and closed sidewalks.

The Convention Center Stretch

The biggest upheaval has surely been the street and sidewalk work happening at the Convention Center across toward the Hyde Park restaurants. The changes are both above and below ground with new street trees, decorative crosswalks, and bump-outs for pedestrians. While traffic has been tough in this area, the results are expected to make the intersection and the convention center campus much better.

North Market’s New Tower

One of the big changes you’ll notice downtown is the 35 story tower centerpiece going up at the North Market. While they’ll be busy working all year long, the market will remain open during construction. We’re excited to see how it turns out and what goes in there!

New Apartment Buildings

There are a slew of new apartment buildings and mixed-use towers going up along High Street, often taking up the sidewalk and a lane of traffic as they do so, but this means our neighborhood is getting bigger with hundreds of new residents moving to the flourishing Short North Arts District, which we’re truly excited about!

Our Sidewalks and Streets

The construction changes that will have the biggest impact on us and our guests are set to being next Spring 2018 when the city will be doing some major updates to the sidewalks and streets between Poplar and 2nd Ave on High Street.  This will widen sidewalks and standardize the decorations like trees, mailboxes, and street lights.  Overall the project will dramatically improve the neighborhood’s appeal but during construction we’ll all have to be patient. Nothing a Moscow mule and a trio of sliders can’t fix though, right?


No matter what traffic and construction comes our way this year in the Short North, Arch City Tavern will be slinging the same great happy hour drinks and delicious entrees for our friends and neighbors.  Stop on in and pay us a visit!  We can complain about the traffic together…

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