What our Friends and Neighbors are Saying About Us

Most people understand that reviews are among the most important feedback a restaurant can hope to get from happy (or disgruntled) customers. We’re fortunate that our guests almost always have an exceptional experience here at our restaurant. We strive to put the customer first and treat everyone like a dear friend, which surely contributes to the overall satisfaction our guests experience. We wanted to share some of the more recent comments we’ve gathered from our review platforms on Facebook, Yelp, and Google as a thanks for sharing your feedback.  Keep it coming!


“Probably the best interior looking Bar/Restaurant in Short North. Forget the unique delicious dishes that they have. What amazed me and my friends was that the wait time was only 12 to 15 minutes. That’s nothing when it comes to as busy as they were, they were packed…. See you every weekend Arch City!!!”  — Gentian Refatllari  (Facebook)


“I’m from out of town. Came here on a Sunday evening seeking a laid back and darkly lite atmosphere and great burgers or similar. I got it! I love the easy groove on this Sunday evening at 9 PM. I ate lamb sliders. Most excellent. I hear the regular burgers are the best in town but I can’t fit one in my belly after the sliders and VERY special fries. I gave 5 STARS not because it Is a “Five Star Restaurant” with all the pretentiousness that accolaid brings, but because it was perfect for what I was seeking tonight. I was given tastes of different beers and received attentive service at the bar. I’m 57 now and most were younger than me but I didn’t feel out of place. Conclusion? COME HERE…”  — Cris Yarborough  (Google)


“This is such a great find! It is in a heavy foot traffic area and it was somewhat busy when we sat down. Despite the fairly full restaurant, our service was absolutely great and our food arrived really quickly. My husband and I enjoy sharing appetizers for our dinner, and we ordered a good sampling of the menu.  (…) The food for the most part is great, the decor is nice, and the service earns an A+. I definitely recommend stopping in!”  —  Lindsey S.  (Yelp)


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