Have a Few Hours to Kill in Columbus?

If you’ll be visiting Ohio’s own Arch City, whether for business or pleasure, there’s sure to be something to do. Columbus is a thriving, continually evolving cultural experience. Modern day art exhibits and galleries sit nestled amongst revolutionary architecture which speaks of a time gone by. Street festivals with performers and vast selections of culinary fare happen on a regular basis. A walk down High Street is guaranteed to delight all of your senses.

The now famous arches first appeared on High Street in 1888 when they were erected out of wood to create a tent city for a Civil War soldiers’ reunion. Thousands of veterans, the Grand Army of the Republic’s 22nd Encampment, descended on downtown Columbus for the event. Over the next few years, the city replaced the wood with metal, turning them into power lines for electric street cars and light sources. Merchants vied for the lighting arches which provided extra security. However, in 1912 the arches came down, to be replaced by clustered light globes.

Nowadays, if you wander the Short North District, you’ll find the arches are back, and modernized. High Street has twenty-two arches with color-changing, fiber-optic lighting. The popular Gallery Hop, held the first Saturday of each month is always illuminated by brilliant display.

September’s Gallery Hop promises to be full of enlightenment and mouth-watering delights.

Do some shopping at any number of chic boutiques such as Global Gifts, enjoy musicians and other acts, peruse thought-provoking art, and when you get hungry, stop by Arch City Tavern where you’ll see photos and art from a bygone era and get to feast on some of the best burgers in the city. A large selection of local brews and wines are always on tap to quench your thirst.

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