Peace, Love & Craft Beer!

If you consider yourself a craft beer connoisseur, now is your time to shine! Craft beer has taken a sudden turn of popularity as local breweries continue to pop up throughout the City of Columbus. We love supporting local beer at Arch City Tavern almost as much as we love sharing local drafts on our menu. If you’re a newbie to the craft beer scene – don’t fret! Our team has put together a craft beer guide you can review to help clear up beer terms and definitions.

Craft Beer Terms

When describing the taste of beer, many use terms such as “malty” or “hoppy” rather than “sweet” or “dry”. Craft beer has taken on a new language many are using when trying new beer. What does hoppy even mean?! Let’s discuss:


Malty derives from “malted barley” which is the main ingredient in beer. The level of roasting will determine the color of beer and how it will taste (similar to coffee). Lightly roasted malt will taste nutty, medium roasted mimics the taste of toffee, and dark roasted often tastes similar to coffee or dark dried fruits.


Hoppy is a term used to describe most IPAs, or Indian Pale Ales. Hops are another main beer ingredient giving the beer a level of flavor and aroma, sometimes adding to the bitter taste in your cheek. Hops can be fruity with apple, citrus, and tropical fruit; or piney with wood, earthy aromas, and pine needles. The more hops that are added into the batch, the “hoppier” the beer.


IBU stands for International Bitter Units, making it a way to measure the bitterness of beer. Before learning to measure IBU’s in beer it was all about personal perception, making it difficult for brewers to give details on their beer. The measurement is based on the amount of natural resin in the hops from how much hops are used, and when they are added into the process.

Since everyone perceives tastes differently, don’t be surprised if you find a beer hoppier than you friend. We all view beer differently, but we don’t discriminate! Come relax at Arch City Tavern and order a flight of four local beers you’ve been eager to try!



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