The Belgian Tripel

We’re big fans of all the varieties of craft beer but one that we’re featuring more prominently this spring is the Belgian Tripel.  There are currently five beers available here at Arch City Tavern that feature the signature style of the Belgian Tripel craft brew, including:


Victory Golden Monkey

9.5% Alcohol, Available on Draft in Flight or Pint


10.5% Alcohol, Available in bottle

Chimay White Label

8% Alcohol, Available in bottle

La Fin Du Monde

9% Alcohol, Available in bottle

Weyerbacher Merry Monks

9.3% Alcohol, Available in bottle

We also have a Belgian Dubbel available, the Thirsty Dog Orthus, a 7% Draft in Flight or Pint.


So What is a Belgian Tripel?

Typically a bright yellow or gold color, just a shade darker than a Pilsner, the Belgian “Tripel” is named for the brewing process that brings it to life.  The brewers will use nearly three times as much malt as you’ll find in the standard Trappist “Simple” brew. This brings the aroma and flavor out in a complex, spicy, powdery yeast with a sweet finish and sports a dense, creamy head. The sweetness you’ll notice is thanks to the pale malts used in the brew and the higher alcohol content.

For a beer with such a high alcohol content, the body is rather light and bitter, a product of the Belgian candy sugar which lightens it up and adds flavor.  Depending on the brewer, some spices are often added for flair. Tripels are notoriously strong alcohols but the best brews mask this with the sweetness so beware, it will smack you in the face when you stand up!


Come in and check out our selection of Belgian Tripels and let us know what you think.

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